Friday, 20 July 2018

No Beef with these bikes

Cadel Evans with my girls in Bordeaux in 2010
The 2018 Tour passed along the road through Menthon-Saint-Bernard

Here I go again. Talking about food when I have no right to do so. But, in honour of the Tour de France - a race that I have come to know and love over the last ten years - we made a French meal. Actually, we never need an excuse for this, and I use the term 'we' loosely. I watched, took photos and sampled the red wine as the beef stew (boeuf bourguignon) was being put together.

But, back to the bikes. In 2009, we were in the final months of preparation before our family adventure (which would take us from living in Melbourne to living in France) when the Tour passed through Annecy. I stayed up that night to watch the SBS coverage on Australian television and, as my interest to that point in the Tour was scanty and my knowledge sketchy, I didn't understand a lot of what was going on: the idea of teams working together for one lead rider, the different specialists within the teams, the terms and duration of the Tour, the names of the riders etc. was all unfamiliar territory. I can't tell you who won that stage, where the race went after Annecy and had to look up the eventual overall winner (Contador), but I can tell you that that night was thrilling. It was a turning point of sorts, as it had been suggested to all of our friends that they, too, should stay up late to see our future hometown. After years of planning, there was no alternative but to finally walk our talk...and go.

I now feel like an old hand. Not only did Annecy again feature this year as a start town for the 10th stage, Taste Le Tour with Gabriel Gaté visited Le Père Bise in our village, Talloires. Go to Series 14, Episode 10 for more.

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  1. We are enjoying watching it too! I watch it mainly to get a glimpse of charming villages. Love the look of your French meal.

    1. I now love everything about it (except disrespectful supporters) and look forward to the excitement, the discovery of new places and the relaxed summer feeling.

  2. The Tour de France is great fun to watch. I was not aware of "Taste le Tour" before now, so thank you for that introduction and link. How wonderful to have such a renowned restaurant in your town of Talloires!
    Ellen A. (aka Kiwi)

    1. Hi Ellen, the 'Taste le Tour' does give a little something extra to the SBS Australian coverage - a quick look at a regional aspect of the cuisine of the towns/area through which the Tour passes. We haven't been to the Père Bise in Talloires ourselves as it is quite expensive. Maybe one day!