Monday 19 June 2023

Trusting in not knowing: Book 4 is on its way

“I have just published my third book.” It wasn’t bragging nor was it an attempt to impress. I was still in the emotional aftermath of putting my figurative pen down and in awe that my words had come for a third time. “Interestingly, all my books have come about because of sadness and struggle,” I continued. 

Woah, again. How had I not realised that before? 

I hope you never write another book,” he said.

(Excerpts from February '23 blog post after the release of Book 3 With bare feet and sandy toes)

But I have. 


Was it different this time? 


Yes and no.


As for most, the last few years have tested me. A wise soul in a deep, and deeply appreciated, conversation challenged me to look inwards.


“Truthfully, when searching for your ‘next’ are you moving towards something or are you constantly running away?” she asked me.


With that question hanging, 2023 arrived. My words started bubbling up again and my husband was a complicit sounding board. He recognised the drill. I talked and departed to cogitate. Repeatedly.


At some point, my daughter rang to discuss her trip abroad. I listened, we chatted and then I described to her how sitting at my desk to write produced the strangest directions. 

“I think I am going to go in one way, but I end up travelling along a completely different path,” I mused.


“Like this conversation. Yeah, I wouldn’t know,” she answered. 


Here. Here. You took the wrong turn at Opelika,” said Daisy.


Well, now, you took it with me, Miss Daisy, and you got the map,” replied Hoke. (Beresford, B. (Director). (1989). Driving Miss Daisy [Film])


Funny how trusting in not knowing keeps leading somewhere worth going, and thankfully my Hoke is along for the ride. 


I guess that is the yes.

Love, fear and a return to France out soon.