Wednesday 31 August 2016

Book Obsessed guest post

A very short blog today to share the link to Book Obsessed and thank Cécile for accepting me to guest blog on her site.

Cecile works as an English-French translator but also manages this lovely site featuring author guest posts and book reviews. Do take a look.


  1. Nice guest blog, Catherine. Will continue to check Cecile's site as well. You say that you try to read in French. That's still rather difficult for me. Can you perhaps recommend some novels that are not too hard in a future post?

  2. Thanks Ellen and lovely, too, that you visited Cécile's site. My reading choices are not really choices. They are whatever I can lay my hands on in French. Our local library here in Sydney has one shelf of French books and it rotates through biographies, mysteries, children's books, reference books etc. I don't discriminate! At the moment I'm reading 'Paris est une fête' by Hemingway, in small paperback form as my husband returned from France with this in his suitcase for me. But, I could equally be found enjoying an easy romance! Great suggestion, though, for a future post. Thanks.