Saturday 10 April 2021

Coming full circle

Not quite full circle.

The olive tree has produced for the first time and it feels momentous. It has survived years of overseas separation, a journey of its own (from Melbourne to Sydney when we returned from France) and neglect (left to thrive for way too long before I noticed it and gave it some attention). 

And the chair under the olive tree? Before France, it was rescued from a rubbish pile on the side of the road, taken home and treasured in all its imperfection. Now, stripped back and dilapidated, it is time for us to part.

Bearing fruit, growth, replenishment, reaching up and nurture are some of the words of the moment although, just as I am not sure how to turn my olives into something palatable, I am not entirely sure how best to approach our next adventure.

Yes, we do have news.

More on that, very soon.

PS I took this screen shot (above) from the Instagram account of @chateaugudanes. I do not know the owners of this castle. It was the photo itself that spoke to me. A collection of unassuming chairs  ... or the promise of joy, animation and togetherness?

PPS My writing journey has led me to many beautiful souls. If you have not yet had a chance to read my second memoir 'Weaving a French Life: An Australian story,' it would give me so much pleasure if you could do so through the affiliate links to Kristi and Mardi below. They take a couple more clicks to get to where you want to go, but they cost you nothing. Merci et à bientôt.

For print copies: Head to Kristi's blog at French Word-A-Day and scroll down until you see my book in her list of recommended reading on the RHS of the page. 

For digital copies: Head to Mardi's blog at eat. live. travel.write and scroll down until you hit the purchase link in her review.


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