Wednesday 2 December 2020

A sequel to 'But you are in France, Madame.'

2020 has been a bumpy year, but one of those jolts flung me with great insistence back to my desk. Weaving a French Life: An Australian story, a sequel to But you are in France, Madame, is the result. I'm not quite there, but hope to give you a purchase link by the end of next week.

On the 14th August, I was at 24000 words. I wrote every day and for more hours than I was physically comfortable doing so. At the end of each day, I noted down my new word count. Seeing the increased number was a huge motivator and helped to keep me positive and on track, but on this day, I hand wrote myself a little note (dot points really). I had already made significant progress, but was not sure of the exact path that I should be taking to those satisfying words, 'The End.' I needed to give myself a pep talk ... and put a little emotional distance between me and the project.

My dot points looked (a little) like this:

  • How could I have not known until now that writing was important to me?
  • Getting to the end will take time but I've done it before and that gives me confidence that I will get there.
  • It is my story - so sod off anyone who will read it and criticise. (Fighting words that are much harder to live by ...)
  • I don't know how it is all going to turn out but have to trust the process.
  • It is exciting - even soothing - to write.
  • It is also nerve-wracking. Will the words dry up tomorrow? Can I continue to be creative?
  • I feel an urgency to get the story done, the words down...

There were other bits 'n pieces on my note to self, but I read this now and empathise with the person (me) who was writing. There was self-doubt, it was hard work, and I did feel exposed as I prepared to put myself and my story out there again. If it is not for the financial rewards, and if it is not for the acclaim, what is it for? 

Me, I guess. 

But, I'd love it if you journeyed with me, too.

It will be available in ebook and print forms. Let me know ( if you'd like me to put aside a print copy for you. Book AU$25 plus postage.

'But you are in France, Madame,' available here

PS Thank-you to everyone who wrote to me after my last post. I would have responded individually but, for some strange reason, I cannot leave messages on my own blog. Also, I have no idea why a post from April 2019 popped up in my (and I presume your) feed. A glitch probably of my unintentional making- sorry!


  1. Well done! Will the book be available in digital format?

  2. Wow, this is so exciting! Have been hoping for a sequel as you write so well. How did you keep it a secret until now? Emailing you straight away to reserve my copy. Congratulations !