Thursday 10 November 2016

Escape to France

I am sharing with you today the latest press release for my book 'But you are in France, Madame' and in my next blog, I will be reflecting on a few personal milestones that I have passed since pressing the 'publish button' one year ago.

PS If you are interested in purchasing a copy of the book, there is a clickable link to the right of this blog page which will take you to the purchasing options. Thanks, as always, for your interest.


  1. Wish I could come and meet you at the luncheon! But I'll have to settle for a copy on Kindle: congratulations Catherine.

  2. Thanks Libby. Always up for a chat about France! Maybe one day...

  3. Nice! A literary luncheon! Good luck on this and all future marketing. Authors have to do it all themselves these days. I bought and read your book on Kindle and loved it! Everyone who has an interest in French life, culture and/or learning about the incomparable beauty of the Annecy area must read it!
    Ellen A. (aka Kiwi)

  4. As generous as always Ellen! Very true that the marketing falls to us. Luckily, I enjoy the talks and book clubs very much.

  5. Catherine, Yes, I would love to read your book. I'll definitely buy it and feature it on my blog.
    Thanks so much for playing along with Dreaming of France today. Here’s my Dreaming of France meme

    1. That would be wonderful Paulita. Thank-you so much for your interest and support.