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Friday, 8 December 2017

Does France still want me...or how does one leave behind a prosthetic leg?

A quick warning before reading - this is not one of my upbeat posts...and hoping that this very cute picture of our Poppy, the day that we brought her home 4 years ago, will have a calming effect!

Furthermore, let me discourage any of you who are about to travel internationally to avoid Etihad at all costs.

The short of it is that I have the time to write a blog in the food court at Abu Dhabi airport. I should have been in France nearly 24 hours ago and I'm still only half way there... let's rush through the details - 24-hour delay in Sydney, re-routed to Kuala Lumpur, delayed on plane there for 2 and a half hours; arriving in Abu Dhabi, missed ongoing connection to Geneva and now waiting for 5 hours in the food court before being re-routed to London, another wait and then a flight to Geneva where we will have missed cut-off time to pick up our car for the second day in a row. I'm hoping that my family will continue to support me on this French affair.

Now, what's with the prosthetic leg?
In our haste to sort out our sorry journey, my husband left his belt on the security conveyor belt here. It never ceases to amaze us that we have to pretty much strip (boots, jackets, belts) to go through security in Abu Dhabi and yet the screen watchers themselves seem to fixate on everything but the screen. But, as he had time (lots of time) to return to the security area, he was shown to the lost and found. His belt was there along with an impressive array of others ...and a prosthetic leg. Which begs the question; how does one walk off without it?

We have learnt a new Arabic word though  حزام، زنار, which we believe is pronounced 'hizam' and might help you next time you leave your belt behind in Abu Dhabi.

PS Note to self - perhaps it's easier to find the simple positives as per my son relishing his burger despite the delays.

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